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Door frames are precisely made through 10-70 step roll-forming process guided by top class knowledge for 30 years. High-tech unmanned automatic robot processes provide comfortable driving, noise-free and excellent appearance.
DONGWON. Leader of modular door and door modules made by multi welding-hemming press-brazing welding, have made significant contributions to increase competitiveness of our customers


DOOR IMPACT BEAMS are necessary parts and components to protect the safety of passengers. We have continually researched vehicle lightweight and safety reinforcments. Therefore Dongwon developed the world's first reinforced oval type impact beams and obtained several patents in domestic and US, Japan, France, Germany etc.


COWL CROSS MEMBER / TIE BAR are a frame to prevent bend old twist of vehicle. Furthermore, they provide space for several instrument panel and safeguard passenger, safety in front colision.