Care for employee


Adaptation of employee


 - Standard training for administrative employees is enhanced by an adaptation program and in rotation units. The result is a well-informed newbie motivated for their work, which is given maximum support from direct supervisor, HR department and company management. The adaptation period, which usually lasts three months, and in exceptional cases it may be extended, the company identifies the strengths, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities for further development so that the expectations of both parties were in maximum compliance.


Training and Development
 - Programme of development of hard and soft skills "Educate for growth" for the workers of production, quality,      maintenance, logistics and warehouse. Specific short-term and long-term training programs.
 - Individual Development Plan for each administrative employee
 - Special development program focused on key soft skills
 - Language training: English
 - Teambuilding activities
 - Corporate canteens and meal vouchers
 - Drinking regime in the workplace
 - Sports Day and staff meetings with families
 - Christmas party
 - Awards of Employees
  - Health promotation
 - Peinsion or life insurance