Education and Training

Our company is aware of the importance of caring for knowledge potential employees, key skills, needs and abilities. Twice a year, we review the needs of education and development, whether flat or selectively respond to particular needs of the manufacturing department.


In addition to initial training and the process of adapting our goal is long-term training of employees across all companies in the manufacturing, support and administrative departments. In addition to special vocational training focus attention on the training of soft skills.

In 2012-2013, the company Dongwon CZ, s.r.o. educate employees through regionally-operation program,, Educate for growth in the MSK. "This project was funded by the ESF through OP HRE and from the state budget. More about this program, please visit:



In 2014, the company DONGWON CZ, s.r.o. participated in the project "Support staff training" and "Educate for growth in MSK II". These projects were also financed by the ESF through OP HRE and from the state budget. More about these programs can be found at:



From year 2012  support for the development of soft skills for technical - economic staff of the company. Soft Skills Development Days take into account the need for seamless communication, effective collaboration, successful leadership and management of people and teams, and ultimately build responsibility and belonging in a rapidly changing economic environment.