It is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Dongwon SK, based in Dubnica nad Váhom. As a proud supplier of components for KIA Slovakia and Mobis, our expertise is focused on the production of body parts, including door frames, as well as safety features and dashboard carriers. We place great importance on our tradition of more than 70 years, which commits and motivates us to continuous improvement.
We are witnesses to how modern manufacturing technologies and prospective development directions confirm the central position of key manufacturing processes, such as metal forming and machining. These technologies remain the foundation of our expertise, which we continuously refine to keep pace with progress in our field.
Over more than a decade of existence in the Slovak market, Dongwon SK has proven itself as a significant player, even in times of economic and market challenges. In the highly competitive automotive industry, we focus on meeting the expectations of our key customers, such as KIA and MSS. We believe that our future is based on a responsible approach, maintaining traditions, commitment to quality, innovations, and, most importantly, on our employees, who are the foundation of our company.